EasyFile® Content Management Solutions

EasyFile® Content Management Solutions

The EasyFile® Content Management Suite is a full-featured group of applications designed to provide small and medium-sized businesses increased efficiency while reducing their dependency on paper.

EasyFile® is a complete Content Management Solution that allows you to store and manage virtually any type of information and maintain it in its native format.  From scanned documents, Microsoft Office documents, email, video, voicemail, digital photography, and endless more…EasyFile® provide a secure and unified repository for all of your vital business records.

EasyFile® also provides exceptional "Paperless Workflow" processes for business of any size and nature. We have developed fast, versatile, and easy-to-use software that empowers your Staff to effortlessly produce, manage, sign, fax, email, and perform a myriad of other document-related tasks electronically. Our proven methods help companies realize tremendous cost savings, greater employee productivity, increased efficiency, and be even more environmentally friendly.

EasyFile®'s simple, easy-to-use interface assures minimal training time and wide acceptance throughout your user base. EasyFile® also boasts a robust line of add-on modules to customize it to your specific business needs – OCR\Full Text Indexing, Barcode Reading with Auto-Indexing, OCR-based batch separation and indexing, Searchable CD\DVD burning and more.

Modules and Components Descriptions

Imagine being able to search inside of scanned documents … no longer having to flip from page to page in a many-page document, just to find that one key piece of information. Now imagine how many hours per year this capability would save your workforce over the course of a year. With an investment in the Full Text Indexing module for EasyFile®, these savings can easily be realized within your business or organization.

The way it works is simple: as new scanned documents are stored in EasyFile®, the Full Text Engine performs an OCR (optical character recognition) on that document. It then places the OCR'd text into the database, so that you can search on any word or phrase within the document using the standard EasyFile® or EasyFile® Web interfaces. It also creates a searchable PDF of the scanned document, so that once viewed, you can search directly within the document to find the exact information you need.

The EasyFile® Full Text Indexing engine uses industry-standard OCR technology, ensuring high accuracy across a wide range of document types, including forms.

How many hours per year could be saved by giving your users the means to immediately access documents stored in EasyFile® while using other software applications?

Searching for information stored in a Content Management System typically involves logging in, searching for, and then viewing documents… which can take a minute or two, especially if the application is not already open. Now, imagine being able to skip all of these steps, and perform searches simply by highlighting some text on your screen (be it in a Word document, an email, a third-party business app or a web page), and then pressing a hotkey on your keyboard, and immediately seeing any documents that match the highlighted search criteria.

With the Hotkey feature provided by our EasyConnect Module, the above scenario is easily achieved. All searches are done through the EasyFile® Web portal, so the user's workstation does not even need to have the EasyFile® client installed. Multiple hotkeys can be set up for different types of common search needs, making this a very versatile solution.

EasyFile®'s Microsoft Office Add-In places a Button on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and/or Outlook email windows that stores and indexes that file into your EasyFile® Content Management Solution. Documents stored via the Office Add-In are stored in their original file format so that when they are retrieved from EasyFile® they will open back in the original software application they were created/saved from. Emails that are saved using this feature also are saved with all attachments so there is no need to save them separately.

The PDF Forms module is an optional feature for EasyFile® Content Management Solution that enables the ability to store dynamic/fillable PDF Forms in EasyFile® cabinets. This means that forms can be retrieved from within the EasyFile® Web portal and then have data, from stored index data (such as names, dates, addresses, account numbers, etc.) automatically inserted into specific form fields when the form opens. This feature saves a lot of manual entry tasks, tremendous amounts of time, and reduces entry mistakes such as mistyped information.

DocBuild Plus™ incorporates a virtual print driver (DocBuild Plus™ Printer) that delivers documents directly to the users' desktop and displays it in our DocBuild Plus™ Viewer. Documents that are open (displayed) in the viewer can have annotations added to them such as text, highlighter, redactions, stored signatures, electronic rubber stamps, and more. With an optional signature pad…you can even have the electronic documents signed in real time by your customers or Staff. From the DocBuild Plus™ Viewer, you can email, fax, merge documents, print, or save the documents to local or network folders, and even to many popular document management systems…including EasyFile®…with a simple click of a button.

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