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Whether it’s a small operation or large multi-floored corporate building, an office space can get very crowded, very quickly. Printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and filing cabinets can all take up precious room. Waiting to access a machine or cabinet can take some valuable time and congest an area. Printing and copying machines can also cost a great deal of money, especially once one considers accessory costs such as ink, paper, repair and maintenance. There are also shredding and recycling costs to consider. Additionally, utilizing reams and reams of paper can be detrimental to the environment. For these reasons and more, many businesses seek out efficient, innovative and intuitive paperless office software.

Imagine a paperless office and the plethora of benefits that would come with it. No more lines at the fax machine. No more printer jams. No more worrying about the copier being out of toner. No more waiting for the person from the IT department to come up and work on a service ticket you opened days ago for your machine. No more paying for paper and ink. No more wasting bundles of papers. Rather than fussing over the minutia of typical office problems, by using paperless office software, employees, can now focus their efforts on increasing productivity and accessing, sharing and reviewing documents efficiently, while reducing waste.

Utilizing paperless office software is an excellent way to show a company's devotion to eco-friendly initiatives. On top of the clear benefit in helping to preserve the environment, there are occasionally monetary incentives and awards given to companies for their efforts in helping maintain a sustainable environment. When considering the terms "waste" and "environment", both serve as double-entendres. Paperless solutions help reduce waste on two fronts- employers can expect to see less employee shrink as well as lowered waste removal expenditures. Furthermore, the aforementioned environmental impact extends inwardly, in this case. Using less paper improves not only the world outside, but the microcosm of the office as well. Consider how a paperless document management system such as DocBuild Plus from Information to Imaging Technologies can increase efficiency, productivity, and reduce unnecessary waste and costs in your business.

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