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When thinking of ways to increase employee efficiency, promote uniform document handling procedures, implement easy archival tools, centralize data for ease of access, and improve file security, one of the most viable solutions is paperless document management software. This type of software, such as systems like EasyFile Content Management Solutions by Information to Imaging Technologies, can streamline workflows and organize and protect important files, which is crucial for a business striving for success. The days of needing to manually maintain records and undertake the daunting task of organizing a substantial paper trail are gone.

Let’s review exactly how paperless document management software will help your business.

  • Increase Efficiency through Data Centralization
    • Navigating any office's filing system can be a labyrinthine task. Documents may be in different folders, cabinets, floors or sometimes, different buildings altogether. No matter how organized this hypothetical situation is, it is highly unlikely that all of that critical data is in one place. While from a security perspective, this may seem beneficial (a topic we'll review below), it makes it very difficult to locate sometimes vital and timely information as quickly as the business calls for. Utilizing a content management system to maintain all documents in one location centralizes necessary data, while allowing for optimal organization. Data can be stored in any grouping necessary, and mapped out so that documents can easily be recalled.
  • Promote Uniformity in Workflows
    • Now that your critical documents are all in one place, standard operating procedures, training documents, templates and daily workflows are easier to access. Additionally, there is no longer a need to show everyone where every document is or how to go about accessing them, as the workflow will now be the same for everyone (barring administrative and security accesses, of course).
  • Improve Security and Archive Documents
    • Paperless document management software allows for secure storage of your businesses most sensitive documents, and easy archiving of obsolete or aged data that may be needed for records keeping purposes, comparisons, or whatever the case might be. Password protection and encryption tools afford you better security than a lock and key would, and once your archives have been established, filtering documents to their proper location is a simple point-and-click task.

The benefits are clear. Contact InfotoImage.com today to start simplifying your document management system and go paperless!

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